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A Family of Blades – Early Access

A Modern RPG of Action and Intrigue, Forged in the Dark.

A Family of Blades is a tabletop role-playing game about a team of criminals who became a family, broke up, and have been thrust back together for one last job.

Powered by the Forged in the Dark engine, A Family of Blades has been written with an emphasis on fast-paced one-shots and episodic gameplay. Inside you’ll find all the rules you need to play games inspired by the likes of Leverage, Burn Notice, Ocean’s Eleven, and the Fast & Furious movies.

Find it at:

early access

The game is currently discounted for Early Access and is compatible with the free Blades in the Dark SRD—you will need to reference the SRD or have a working knowledge of the system in order to play. Your purchase now, however, is also a purchase of the final copy and helps support the expansion and completion of the game.

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