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Fey Fire

A Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Illuminated by LUMEN.

A millennia ago, the greatest empire the world has ever known collapsed overnight as a continent-spanning forest sprang fully-formed from the earth to consume it. Now we live in the shadow of the Hexenwald, monster-infested and corrupting of all who step foot within it. It marks the end of civilisation and the beginning of a primordial wild… and now you’ve been exiled to its doorstep.

You are a seeker, the brave and foolish who dare step foot in this haunted woods. Are you here to protect the mortal world, loot the ruins of an empire, or just work off the crime that exiled you here? And more importantly, will your survive?

Fey Fire is a tabletop role-playing game designed for 2-6 players, about holding the line between humanity and the monstrous wild. Players take on the role of seekers—former soldiers, exiled nobles, condemned criminals, and desperate adventurers—as they mount expeditions into the monster-infested Hexenwald. Powered by Spencer Cambell’s LUMEN, this is a rules-lite game of quick, tactical combat and escalating danger.

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In this game, you will:

  • Choose between 6 character archetypes: the dangerous Soldier and Hunter, the cunning Knave and Aristocrat, and the mystical Naturalist and Theurgist.
  • Grow stronger with each successful expedition, adding new weapons and powers to your repertoire.
  • Experience fast and thrilling combat against hordes of undead, packs of twisted monstrosities, and the faerie legions of the malevolent Elven Lords.
  • Protect the human realm and the frontier town of Terminus from the dangers of the Hexenwald… or at least, die trying.

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