Hello, World!

Hi! My name is A.C. Luke, and I’m a freelance writer, editor, and sometimes graphic designer, with aspirations of becoming a published author.

A little bit on me: I live in the capital city / small country town of Adelaide, South Australia, and recently graduated from my Bachelor of Arts (English & Creative Writing) at the University of Adelaide. From 2017 to 2018, I was also a writer and editor for What Messes With Your Head.

In 2019, I’ve finished my first novel manuscript, started a second, and am looking towards what I want my future to be.

I’ve set up this website/blog to help publicise myself, but also to have a place to write about my journey as a writer. It took me quite a few years out of high school to let myself think about pursuing a career in writing, despite the fact I’ve wanted to be an author since I was eight-years-old. Better late than never to figure that one out I suppose!

One of the joys I find in writing is the storytelling, sharing my work with an audience; I’ve spent a lot of time running role-playing games, so I shouldn’t be surprised with that. So, that brings us to this blog, me sharing my story—and my stories—with you.

I also intend to publish short stories and book reviews here, and perhaps some serial fiction too if I can find the time. To keep up to date on my posts, please feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Otherwise, here’s to the future.

A.C. Luke