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Wolf Head

WOLF HEAD is a dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game about medieval fable and what you will, and won’t, do to be let back into the fold.

Players take on the roles of wolves, criminals cursed with a wolf head and banished from society. You have become defined by your crimes—did you commit murder, foment revolution, speak heresy, or love the wrong person? And will what you did help or hinder you in clawing back what they took from you?

Powered by Charge and the Forged in the Dark engine, this game contains everything you need to start your quest immediately—no prep required.

Find it at:

And at DriveThruRPG:


» Fast-paced, easy-to-run mechanics.

» Streamlined character creation that lets you shape your story.

» Define your crimes and your world.

» Quest generators for zero-prep play.

» Everything you need to start playing straight away!

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